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About AION

AION helps sports professionals achieve their full potential and are always finding new ways to apply intelligent data to make sure every player, athlete, team, coach and referee can be the absolute best they can be.

Improving accuracy and response-time through VR spatial awareness training

AION creates immersive VR visualisations of actual matches based on existing positional data combined with video and Sportscode. This enables coaches and players to analyse and discuss any match from any perspective, even from the opponent’s point of view. Improving spatial awareness, accuracy and response time.

Optimising performance with sports intelligence dashboards

AION’s dashboards give athletes, teams and coaches the ability to make patterns, connections and potential conflicts visible so they can anticipate and adjust their strategies. Whether it’s about positions on the field, preparations, training directions or player acquisitions. It all becomes clear with the sports intelligence dashboards.

Unleash the Power of Data

Together, AION and Alchemy developed Brand Fundamentals with a strong positioning in the market that sets AION apart from other sport tech companies.

Alchemy also developed a visual identity that reflects upon the brand elements and differentiates AION from other competitors. Aion has a proud origin in football, however, the identity had to be be ‘sports neutral’ (not visually linked to football).

AION operates in a fast emerging category with no clear category norms (yet). Competitors believe celebrating the tech side of sports tech will show competence, instead many come off as tech enthusiasts and less passionate about the sport. As many competitors hold a similar visual ‘’look and feel’’, AION had the opportunity to differentiate themselves in a uniformed landscape.

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