The easiest taxi-app in the Netherlands

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The easiest taxi-app in the Netherlands

There are a lot of taxi-apps and services floating around in the Netherlands but not a single one that covers the entire country. With this knowledge Transvision, DEXTR’s mother company and nationwide mobility provider set out to disrupt the market by developing a mobile application. The app connects any user to the best possible taxi service in their vicinity, making it the easiest taxi-app in the Netherlands.

DEXTR is currently the only mobile taxi-app that provides everyone in the Netherlands a frictionless on-demand service wherever they are and whenever they need it within the dutch borders. Nobody will ever get get stranded again and will always be assured of the best price.

Together, DEXTR and Alchemy developed a Brand Strategy with a strong positioning in the market that sets their new taxi service apart from other taxi service companies that operate in the Netherlands.

Connecting the dots

We drew inspiration from the fact that DEXTR is the only taxi service that connects the whole of the Netherlands, literally connecting the dots. We translated this idea into design by visualising the 'dots' (points/circles). They form a recognisable element, a 'visual device' that can be used throughout their communications.

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Brand Photography by Bibian Bingen


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