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Understanding how people move around is deeply rooted in Volkswagen’s DNA. However, cities have become congested and polluted, and the main reason is cars. To not shy away from the problem and instead reposition themselves as a mobility brand for the future, VW created a new rideshare and pooling service. The challenge was to create a new brand with an identity and a launch campaign that would draw attention.

With the powerful insight ‘people no longer own the cities, cars do’, the new service became one of the first within its industry to focus on how cities should belong to people, not cars. The service was here to return cities to the people living in them, using the power of sharing in combination with advanced technology. 

Finding inspiration in Arthur Clarke’s quote about the future of technology, we extracted the word ‘Maia’ the sanskrit word for magic. Evolving from maia, the new name Moia came to life. Rooted in the idea of magic, the visual identity signals the experience of a seamless transition from one point to another. It also made a subtle reference to the VW brand.

The brand line ‘Social Movement’ does not only convey the nature of shared rides but also empathises on the progressive potential powerful communities can generate.

"In the future any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
— Arthur C Clarke

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