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ING Insurance and Pensions become NN Insurance and Pensions

The first part of the rebranding was to announce the name change from ING insurance and pensions to NN insurance and pensions in a business as usual way. We created a film with Hollywood star Ewan McGregor that announced the change in the 7 different languages of the markets.

NN - You Matter

After the financial crisis people had lost their trust in the financial industry. 
However, NN Group felt that a lot of people didn’t fully understand the importance of planning their financial future. We were assigned to launch NN in Central and Eastern Europe by getting people to start thinking about their future selves and invest in a safety net that would create possibilities for their personal wants and needs in later stages of their lives.

In Eastern and Central Europe the insurance category is often trying to sell a utopian future, painting an unrealistic and unachievable picture. NN wanted to reconnect with people so we positioned the brand to become the most human in the category. With the insight ‘What matters to you changes with age’, our strategy had a strong focus on how people’s priorities in life shift as you get older. We had to show that people have an important role to play in planning their own financial future, and what matters to them - matters to NN.

The result was “You Matter”, a consumer-centric, belief-centred brand platform that was applied internally and externally across all media. After the launch, we needed to prove NN meant what they said. So we got out onto the streets of Europe (and Japan), interviewing 500 people from 0-100 years old, in 10 countries, to ask what mattered to them. We explored milestones moments in different peoples' lives and turned these celebrations into an emotional campaign that not only got people thinking about what matters to them today - but also about their future.

The second campaign encapsulates NN's purpose, what it stands for and what it believes in, a true celebration of individuality, which connects us all. We’re all the same, but we’re all different. We all experience the same things, just in different ways. That’s essentially the truth explored ‘It’s different when it’s yours’ our most recent Pan-European campaign for NN, celebrating the uniqueness of its individual customers. It focuses on those moments in life we all experience, yet we all experience it differently.

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