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Student Experience is an independent developer of student housing in the Netherlands. To gear up for the new opening of Minervahaven and prepare for international expansion, Alchemy was assigned to give the brand a refresh together with a campaign for the new complex Minervahaven.

Working closely together through collaborative workshops and daily discussions, we explored the DNA of Student Experience. We discovered that what sets the company apart is their curiosity and passion for providing a student community that fuels learning, rather than student accommodation only. The new focus on building a community that enables students to personally and academically learn and grow was the starting point to many new initiatives taking place internally.

We gave the identity a refresh, a more dynamic and modern feel that resonates with the time we are living in.

To attract students to Minervahaven, we launched a social and digital campaign. In the minds of a global pandemic, students are experiencing what it is like not to experience new things. Therefore, the campaign had an optimistic focus on what the students are currently experiencing together - in a building that holds everything from game rooms and study areas to rooftops, a garden and sociable dining areas.

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