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Yays is a ‘travel and stay’ concept that reroutes urban tourism away from busy city centres into more inspiring local neighbourhoods. Guests are offered a unique opportunity to experience local activities, shops and residents. Alchemy was assigned to re-build their identity and come up with a communication concept that would bring Yays unique personality to life.

The best way to get to know a city is not to visit it, but to live it. We developed a brand that celebrates local heroes and history and introduces unexpected hidden worlds to the more curious traveller. The “Live like a local” brand proposition became the inspiring foundation for several communication concepts.

We created an identity that would be able to fit with completely different styles of architecture and culture. We wanted something suitable for both 15th century Amsterdam Canal houses as well as newly built Modern Architecture, and the result was an identity that contains both contemporary and classical features.

To bring the Yays ‘Live like a local’ concept to life we created hyper-local neighbourhood guides for each Yays Apartment Hotel. We also wanted a truly authentic and ‘bottom-up’ approach to photography and campaigning, so to build up visual proof of concept, Alchemy encouraged guests and potential guests to ‘unlock the neighbourhood’ through neighbourhood guides and social media partnerships with local influencers.

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