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As Volkswagen continues to challenge the future of mobility, they created WeShare - the electric carsharing service that is determined to rethink mobility adapted to our lives in cities. For its launch in Berlin, WeShare needed a strong identity true to who they are. Alchemy was assigned to create this identity together with a launch campaign with the goal of attracting new customers.

Electric carsharing leads to better cities, cities more adapted to our lives. However, change can’t be made if the carsharing landscape mainly attracts the niche audience - millennials and early adopters. As the first 100% electric carsharing service in Berlin, WeShare wouldn’t conform to how the rest of the industry operates and what conventions society has set. 

Positioned as the non-conformist mobility reformer, and true to Volkswagen’s DNA, we had to show that electric carsharing can only make cities better if it’s accessible to everyone. WeShare is not the electric carsharing brand for the niche start-up scene, they are proud to be for the mainstream. For the launch, we created an out of home and social campaign that not only made electric carsharing seem more people-friendly but also communicated in a light-hearted way how it makes our life in cities to the better.

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