From Creative Agency to Brand Development Lab.
Khanna / Reidinga / Faralley / LeBon becomes Alchemy.

In recent years, the Amsterdam creative agency KRFL has increasingly specialised in developing brands for the international market in particular, including several brands for the Volkswagen Group (Car sharing services, New mobility, Autonomous driving, Data and Software). The specialisation in brand development led to a natural transformation that required a repositioning and a new name for the agency.

The new name Alchemy and the positioning as a Lab refer to the way the company works. Every project starts with the decomposition of a brand to its core. All elements such as foundation, strategy, identity, product and communication are examined and where necessary changed or sharpened. The restructuring leads to a renewed valuable foundation on which brand, products, services and communication can grow successfully.

"It is a development that started two years ago and has now materialised with Alchemy," says managing director Michel de Goede. "We have developed into a strong creative and strategic partner, which means that we are involved at an early stage in the creation of not only new brands, but also in the interpretation of the services or products that brand offers. Our new positioning and name are now in line with this."

In recent years, the team behind Alchemy have been closely involved in the Volkswagen Group’s current transformation. The creative and strategic collaboration with startups within the VW group has led to several new brands and propositions. "It is incredibly inspiring to be part of the revolution that is currently underway in the field of mobility," says ECD Hesling Reidinga. "The switch from fossil to electric is only a small part of it. Insights and possibilities created by data and technology are the key to a completely new answer to the mobility need."

In addition to the international market, Alchemy wants to show itself more within the Dutch market. Work is currently underway for the City of Amsterdam and Alchemy is repositioning and rebranding Student Experience, a rapidly growing housing concept for students with associated facilities and services.

"By clarifying and recording the positioning, identity and communication of Student Experience, we are able to help the company to scale up internationally in a short time. The great thing is that it also actually contributes to a pleasant and inspiring living environment for the students," says design director Maarten Versteege. "Identity goes much further than what a brand looks like, it is the manifestation of what the brand stands for and therefore has endless appearances."

Hesling Reidinga: "Creativity is necessary to change things in a positive way and we strive for ideas that create value. Not only what you think and say, but what you do and how you act is more important than ever. That means that we think beyond ordinary "advertising" and that we are always looking for smart solutions that convey the essence and values of a brand in a relevant way to their audience, internally or externally."
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