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Brand Turnaround

Hi-Tec was a phenomenally successful brand in the 1980’s but had lost its way. Under the guidance of a new CEO, we were hired to reinvigorate a brand that sold a lot, but meant very little to its audiences.

The Outdoor category was exploding but was dominated by serious ‘top of the mountain’ brands. As the value brand in the category we created a new ‘Everyone Deserves a View’ positioning - celebrating Hi-Tec’s belief that the outdoor’s is for everyone - not just for the exclusive elite who can afford a $600 pair of hiking boots.

We made a case film celebrating 4 years of hard work reinvigorating a fallen classic.

Seasonal Collections:

Comfortable Anywhere

We expressed Hi-Tec’s new brand fundamentals with ‘Comfortable Anywhere’ an end line reflecting both the philosophy of being at ease in the world indoors and outdoors, and the versatility of the shoes, suited to a barbecue or a full day hike.

Escape the Indoors

Building on work done in the previous season, we took a more rebellious and energetic tone with ‘Escape the Indoors’ - a stance which encouraged people to get outside on a more loose and casual basis, alluding to a life spent indoors as the real enemy.

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