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In the face of unprecedented competition, media companies have to find ways to innovate — but the cost of delivering content in an era of multiplying platforms is eating into their operations budget and talent. And as business and (cloud-)technology increasingly become more intertwined, it is swiftly turning regular companies into tech-companies.

Through disruptive innovation Vipe developed a service that liberates their partners from legacy infrastructure and sets free their (human) capital. Vipe offers a simple (cloud-based) play-out solution that scales along it’s clients needs and provides them with the power of foresight.

Alchemy developed a business narrative focusing on the future, in-line with the liberation-archetype.

Playout Liberated

We developed a simple statement that summarises exactly what Vipe means to it’s clients businesses. It changes the way broadcast companies execute their channel management and playout infrastructure in a way that liberates them and creates new opportunities.

To emphasise the feeling of liberation we created an identity and tone of voice that reflects the feeling of lightness and peace of mind.

The Cloud concept

Vipe literally puts all content into the cloud to distribute over countless channels. This is represented by blurred floating glowing content that is captured in the cloud, ready to be released through the screens of the viewer.

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